Trureal Merchant Loyalty Program

The Loyalty Program: Reinvented

The days of obtaining healthy returns from a loyalty program are long gone for the simple fact that there are far too many programs demanding the attention of consumers. In today’s environment, the cost to maintain a competitive loyalty program is becoming prohibitive. Does this mean that businesses should avoid them altogether? Not by a long shot. Loyalty Programs still work; they just need to be reinvented.

That’s where Trureal can help.

The Benefits of TRUREAL

The Trureal Loyalty Program is a perfect match for businesses of all sizes. Consider all the benefits:

  • There is no cost to enroll in the program.
  • There are no  costs for infrastructure and implementation. The program is fully turn-key and ready to incorporate into any business.
  • Operating costs are flexible and entirely performance-based. Never incur expenses until a Trureal Card POS transaction takes place.
  • Becoming a merchant gives your business immediate access to a large and vibrant community of Trureal Cardholders who are eager and ready to support your business.
  • The program offers valuable online marketing by offering free inclusion into and exposure through the Trureal Directory.
  • Improve employee retention and morale by using Trureal to launch Workplace Giving Program.
  • Do business with other merchants enrolled in T2T (Trureal’s exclusive B2B program) and accumulate tax credits/deduction and sizeable deductions against revenues.

About the Trureal Loyalty Program


The TrurealTM Loyalty Program (TLP) is unlike any other in that it is a turnkey system that can immediately be integrated into any business ecosystem. Moreover, the program attracts new customers without incurring any marketing costs for businesses enrolled in the program.

At its core, the TLP is a charity-fundraising program.

In a larger sense, it does so much more.

A constant stream of Pre-Qualified Customers

The people who are enrolled in the Trureal Community are pre-qualified customers. In other words, if they are arriving at your establishment it means that they have the intention to make purchases. Typical advertising can never hold such a promise.



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Increased bottom lines for Businesses, the Community and Charities

What’s great about the TLP program is that it offers merchants a performance-based marketing solution that is quick and easy to implement.

Performance-based marketing systems are powerful, especially in today’s rapidly shifting economic environment. These days, customer acquisition costs are proving to be quite staggering.

What if there was a way to not only minimize these costs but also defer them as well?

There is… and the solution is the TLP.

In this program, businesses only incur costs after a point-of-sale transaction has occurred and this cost always remains predictable (amounting to a maximum of 5% on each sale*). 

Compared to other marketing venues, such as an in-house loyalty program or expensive media buys, the cost to accept Trureal in a business is not only lower, but it is also extremely effective.

Quite simply, TRUREAL just works.

The TLP is a strong contender for any business because it is simple, it makes good business sense and it is a win-win for everyone.

  • Customers enjoy the program because they’re motivated to support their charities.
  • Businesses are happy with the program because it provides an instant stream of qualified buyers and it is undisputedly more cost-effective compared to other marketing solutions.
  • Charities are drawn to the program because it provides an easy and effective platform for fundraising.

It is this synergy between all parties (what we call Collective Will) that drives a flood of new people towards the Trureal Community and into the doors of Trureal Merchants every single day.

* Businesses can choose how much of each sale they are able to offer a Trureal customer, whether that may be 2% or 5%. Often, the face value of an average sale reflects what this percentage will be. Higher ticket items warrant lower percentages. In addition to the cost that is deducted during a point-of-sale transaction, businesses will also have to pay taxes on the deducted amounts, per CRA’s regulations. Despite the tax liability, the cost to accept TLP in your business will always be much less than any other marketing or loyalty program.

Integrating TRUREAL into your Business

Accepting TRUREAL is as simple as submitting an application and letting your customers know that they can use the Trureal Loyalty Program at your business.

Our application process is very simple:

  • Fill out an application form online (see the Enrollment tab).
  • You will receive an approval instantly.
  • Once approved, decals will be provided that you can display at all your locations. You will also receive a complimentary listing in the Trureal Directory. This listing can be customized to your specifications once setup.

Trureal by the Numbers: A Typical Transaction

When a customer pays with Trureal Card, up to 5% of the sale will qualify as a donation to be made on behalf of the customer. This amount will be deducted from the pre-tax total of the sale. At the end of each month, Trureal’s payment processor will debit the accumulated batch total of the donation amounts from each merchant (via pre-authorized debit). Thereafter, the debited funds will be dispersed accordingly to the applicable charities.

Transactions will proceed as follows:

Sale $100
Trureal Donation (5% Customer Credit) $5


Net Sales $95
Reversal (Add-Back; Non-deductible Expense) $5
* Applicable to Corporate T2 (Schedule 1) year-end filings.
+ Given that the donation will serve as a tax credit/deduction for Trureal Customers, merchants will not be able to claim the donations as a deductible expense. In other words, merchants will be required to pay taxes on the full amount of sales (even though up to 5% of the revenue will be donated to charities on behalf of Trureal Customers). Economically speaking, the extra corporate taxes paid on the 5% donation amounts to significantly less than what it would cost to organize, setup, implement and run an in-house loyalty program. This is where Trureal shines compared to other programs.

Merchant Programs within the TLP

Providing Trureal to your customers as a point-of-sale loyalty system represents the core aspect of our program. There are other special programs within the TLP that your business can utilize in order to benefit even further.

8 Week Merchant Incentive Program

Each TRUREAL Merchant has the option to participate in an eight week incentive program whereby merchants offer Trureal customers a donation percentage greater than 5%.

This offer can span one week, two weeks, three weeks or any combination to a maximum of eight weeks in any given year, starting from the day the merchant contracts with Trureal IT Services, Inc.


To get started, merchants simply have to fill out the Incentive Form, which specifies the week(s) of the promotion, a donation percentage, and an authorization for Trureal IT Servicers, Inc. to make changes to the back office to reflect the incentive.

The incentive form must be completed and submitted to Trureal’s head office two weeks prior to the week(s) that the offer will run.

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Trureal's T2T Program

TRUREAL’s T2T (Exclusive B2B) program was created with our Merchants in mind. The idea of having a second Merchant revenue stream to complement the existing attractive revenue stream from TRUREAL cardholders was in of itself, truly rewarding.

The intention of the T2T Program is to enable buyers and suppliers to find each other, while having a meaningful medium by which they can exercise their corporate social responsibility spread across a vast array of charitable organizations. Furthermore, at the same time this creates the possibility of new target groups in order to pursue new sales opportunities for additional revenue.


A TRUREAL Merchant (Merchant A) simply purchases products and services for their business from a fellow TRUREAL Merchant (Merchant B). In turn, Merchant B will donate, on behalf of Merchant A’s business, up to 5% of the pre-tax purchase (some exceptions may apply) to the Charity (or charities) linked to Merchant A’s corporate TRUREAL card. At years end, Merchant A will receive an accumulated corporate tax receipt from the charity or charities the business has supported. The benefit to a merchant is the corporate social responsibility with NO OUT-OF-POCKET cost.

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Workplace Giving


I want to work for a company that contributes to and is part of a community.

I want something not just to invest in, I want something to believe in.”
Anita Roddick

Feel empowered by the greatest social and business impact from an employee giving program using the TRUREAL platform.

While social impacts are invariably a key outcome of workplace giving programs, the goal of greater employee engagement is the main driver behind the increased interest in workplace giving programs. There is a noticeable correlation between companies with high employee engagement and increased bottom lines for companies.

The TRUREAL Loyalty Program, as a workplace giving program, provides opportunities for employees to give money to charities they care about by making it simple, pressure-free, and rewarding to do so. This creates meaningful connections with employees that positively impact their view of the company, thus attracting, retaining and motivating employees. When a company supports a program that resonates with its employee, such as TRUREAL, it gives the employee a greater sense of meaning so that the individual can give back as part of his or her work experience, resulting in a truly sustainable relationship.

While the TRUREAL Loyalty Program puts complete control in the hands of the employee, it doesn’t preclude the employee from supporting a charity or a cause that the company would like to support from a corporate level. The employee is encouraged to link the corporate charity as one of their charity of choice to his or her TRUREAL card thus supporting the corporate initiative.

Increasingly, people have greater appetites to give to crises (crisis giving) and also greater expectations of companies to help when the need is acute; therefore, participation in the TRUREAL Loyalty Program allows companies to quickly support crisis situations whether the crisis is international (Famine, tornadoes, typhoons) or local (Support Flooding, Fight Forest Fires etc.) to help their employees who choose to give back to these causes. Your engagement in local causes will boost your company’s reputation within the community and as an employer.

Participation in the TRUREAL workplace giving program requires no effort on the part of employers or employees. With traditional workplace giving programs, employees are taken away from their daily work duties to plan fundraising activities. When an employee is not engaged in their day-to-day work activities, and since their time and effort cannot be monetized for a charitable tax receipt, this invariably affects a company’s bottom line.

Using the TRUREAL Loyalty Program, as a workplace giving program, eliminates loss time and no out of pocket expense to employers while enjoying the giving experience.

LEAVE IT TO TRUREAL AND WE’LL DO THE REST. Just grab a TRUREAL card, link your charities, and go about your business. IT’S THAT EASY!!

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is defined as “A company’s sense of responsibility towards the community and environment (both ecological and social) in which it operates.” The manifestation of this responsibility is often seen in the charitable activity that a company engages in. The TRUREAL model allows all companies to use the TRUREAL platform to exercise their corporate social responsibility within the communities they serve while not putting any pressure on the economics of their business.

With TRUREAL’s T2T platform, merchants, businesses, and corporations have the ability to exercise their corporate social responsibility with NO pressure associated with doing the right thing without taking any additional money out of pocket.

Corporate social responsibility can help build customer loyalty as the ethical values exhibited by a company resonates with many customers thus helping companies sustain a competitive advantage by using their social contributions as another form of advertising.

Charitable giving (corporate philanthropy) that reaps an economic return creates stronger companies that can make more meaningful contributions to their communities in the long run.

TRUREAL’s charitable giving platform is a great marketing tool. Every time a merchant (or corporation) within the TRUREAL directory make a donation, there is immeasurable public recognition and co-branding with larger companies, and significant recognition within the charitable community. There is also goodwill with customers, suppliers and staff, all of which collectively helps merchants and businesses dramatically increase its profile, develop new partnerships and grow.

As a result, an enormous amount of lives get touched and dramatically improve. Every business has a vested interest in creating stronger communities as “Businesses cannot succeed in a world that is failing.”

As a merchant or a business, when you are planning your giving, think about how you can engage your network of colleagues and use some creative marketing ideas to make your efforts stand out from the crowd, benefit your community, and return untold dividends to the cause and your company.

That’s the opportunity in TRUREAL’s corporate charitable giving platform.


Merchant FAQs

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Who can become a TRUREAL Merchant?

After pre-approval; any business or service provider that (a) offers the highest quality service to TRUREAL cardholder, and (b) participates in the TRUREAL 5 % Program (Some restrictions will apply).

How do I register as a TRUREAL Merchant?

Please visit our website, click on ‘MERCHANTS ENROLL’ button to begin the Trureal Merchant Enrollment process.  Once successfully completed and approved, you and your company will join the TRUREAL’s network via the TRUREAL Directory.

Is there a cost to Merchants participating in the TRUREAL Directory?

There is no upfront cost to join the TRUREAL Directory.

How often will my business be invoiced by TRUREAL?

Participating merchants will be invoiced on a monthly basis.

Will I be required to do any point-of-sale system integration?

No. Merchant must be able to accept Visa*/Mastercard payments.

Will my business be able to tie the invoices we receive from TRUREAL back to actual-level data?

Yes, as a participating merchant, you will have access to secure, comprehensive transaction-level reporting that will among other things, allow you the granular data you will need to conduct internal audits to assess accuracy.

How will donations that I make be processed to the Charities?

Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) via 3rd party regulated financial services provider.

How will my business be able to account for the donations it will be making?

All TRUREAL participating merchants will be given access to TRUREAL’s secure back office to view summaries of all transactional details made by TRUREAL cardholders along with all charitable organizational beneficiaries.

Could TRUREAL become the single fundraising platform that my business participates?

Exactly! We understand that merchants are asked daily to participate in fundraising initiatives, and also understand that you can’t support them all. With your participation in the TRUREAL program, you are able to support potentially thousands of charitable organizations that resonate with your individual customers.

How do I notify customers that we are a TRUREAL merchant?

We will provide you with a Powered by TRUREAL window and door decal that will let customers know that you are a participating merchant in our program. You may also wish to include notices in print and digital communications that you produce for your customers. You can also mention your business’s participation by placing the decal in your current or upcoming promotions.

For digital communications, you can access our Media Kit here:


Merchant Enrollment Application

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Exclusive Merchant Programs

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