Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

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TRUREAL INC., is an advertising and marketing company who owns and operates the TRUREAL Loyalty Program, providing a platform for our Partners within our Directory to build strong lasting relationships, in order to enhance the continued success of their business while supporting charitable giving.

What is the TRUREAL Program?

Every time a TRUREAL cardholder shops or uses the service of a merchant, within the TRUREAL Directory, the merchant will donate up to 5% of your purchase (pre-tax) (some exceptions may apply, as it relates to certain store products) to the Charity (or Charities) linked to the cardholder’s card on behalf of the cardholder.

What is the T2T Program?

TRUREAL’s exclusive business to business program was created for TRUREAL merchants only in order for them to have an additional revenue source and at the same time exercise their corporate social responsibility. T2T is a closed loop B2B program that brings TRUREAL merchants together in a way that they have not come together before. Merchants are able to exercise their individual social responsibility without having to take any additional dollars out of pocket, while supporting a much larger number of charitable organizations.

How can I update my personal information?

You can change your personal information by logging into your account at

Where can I view my TRUREAL credits/deductions and activity?

You can check your TRUREAL activity by logging into your account at

How long does it take for me to see the credits/deductions that I have earned?

Check your account (summary or activity) regularly at We cannot show credit/deduction on your account until we receive information about your qualifying purchase from our TRUREAL Merchant. Updates to individual accounts will occur once per week.

Why does my summary activity show that credits/deductions are pending?

In some cases, TRUREAL credits/deductions may not be released for up to 45 days after transaction. During this time, you can view them in your summary/activity as “pending.”

What happens to my credits/deductions if I return something that I purchased?

When you return an item that you earned TRUREAL credits/deductions on, the credits/deductions earned will be deducted from your account.

How do I contact TRUREAL customer service?

We’re only a click or call away. If you are a TRUREAL cardholder, you can contact us at Let us know how we can help, and we’ll get back to you shortly. If you need immediate assistance, you can also call us at (905) 264-7325. Please have your TRUREAL card number ready when you call. Our customer service center is open Monday through Friday 9 am to 5 pm Eastern Standard Time.

More information about TRUREAL Card

Learn more about the Trureal Card and how it can provide benefits to you.

Once I enroll, how safe is my personal data?

Your personal information provided and transaction history (purchase) is 100% secure and will not be made available to any third parties. The personal information is used for internal company purposes only. This guarantees the improvement of services for the TRUREAL network.

How much does it cost to join TRUREAL?

The TRUREAL Card is FREE of charge.

When can I start using my TRUREAL card?

Once you receive your card in the mail, activate your card. Instructions will accompany your card. Once completed, you may begin to use your FREE TRUREAL Card.

How do I get my FREE Reloadable TRUREAL card?

Visit to request your card. Everyone Qualifies.

Who can become a TRUREAL cardholder?

Any resident of Canada 18 years of age or older can become a TRUREAL cardholder.

Does a TRUREAL card have an expiration date?

Yes. See the front of the card for expiration date.

Where can I use my TRUREAL card?

The TRUREAL card is accepted at over 20 million retail locations worldwide and online. You can also withdraw cash at ATM’s showing the Plus logo worldwide. Keep in mind, when you use our TRUREAL card at participating merchants in the TRUREAL directory, cash donations are made to the charity or charities linked to your card on your behalf. You are entitled to receive an accumulated tax receipt at years end from your charity or charities.

Can I withdraw cash from an ATM or over-the-counter at a bank with my TRUREAL card?

Yes. You can withdraw up to $1000.00 per day from any ATM with the Plus logo or up to $1500.00 per day at a bank over-the-counter. A fee of $1.60 will apply for each ATM in Canada and $2.50 for international ATM withdrawals in addition to fees charged by the ATM owner or bank. The daily limit can be obtained all at once or in multiple transactions but remember there is a $1.60 fee for each withdrawal. A fee of $0.50 will be charged for declined transactions due to insufficient funds.

Will I be able to use my TRUREAL card to make purchases online?

Yes. You will be able to make purchases for goods and services online. When checking out, be sure to use the same address registered with your card or the sale may not go through on sites where merchants ask for an address.

I can’t withdraw cash from some non-bank ATMs. Why is this?

In an effort to further protect you and your personal financial information, the Prepaid Card Industry (PCI) has set a series of very stringent rules for all ATM operators. Bank ATM’s are already compliant and by December 2012 all independent ATM operators must become compliant with these rules also. At this time, the PRIZM card will only work at ATMs that are certified PCI compliant. As more independent ATM operators become certified, they will be added to the network. Our primary concern is to make sure your personal information is safe and secure.

Do I need to provide personal information in order to obtain a TRUREAL card?

Yes. Certain personal information is required such as your full name, address and phone number, date of birth, government issue photo I.D. and one other piece of I.D.

Can I load a foreign currency on my TRUREAL card?

No. The TRUREAL card can only be loaded in Canadian funds. However, you can use your card to make purchases that are in other currencies. There is a daily exchange rate applied plus a foreign exchange fee added to make the currency conversion.

Can I have my personalized TRUREAL card mailed to a PO Box?

No. Cards must be shipped to a physical and verifiable Canadian street address.

How long does it take to get my personalized TRUREAL card in the mail?

You should receive your new personalized TRUREAL card in the mail by Canada Post within 7 – 10 business days. Please contact our Customer Support Centre at 1- 833-873-7325 if you do not receive your card after 14 days.

How do I update my personal information?

Personal information such as your home address and phone number can be updated by calling customer care at 1- 833-873-7325 and speaking to an agent. A $2.99 live agent fee applies. You may update your personal information for free by accessing your account online.

What is a Pre-Authorization?

A pre-authorization means that a temporary hold is placed on a portion of your funds over and above the actual purchase amount. Examples of pre-authorizations are “Pay-at-the-pump” gas stations who usually pre-authorize $75.00 and restaurants who may pre-authorize up to 20% more than the amount of your bill. Car rental agencies will pre-authorize an amount substantially more than the actual rental fee as will hotels. Unused portions of pre-authorizations are returned when the merchant settles the transaction, usually within 3 days. During this time these funds will not be available to you to make additional purchases or ATM cash withdrawals. You should verify the merchant’s pre-authorization policy in advance to ensure that you will have sufficient funds to cover the purchase and any pre-authorization amount.

Can someone else load funds onto my TRUREAL card?

Yes another TRUREAL cardholder that uses the card to card transfer feature can move funds to your card.

How soon can I access funds after a Direct Deposit has been made to my card?

As soon as the deposit is received you will be able to access funds.

Can I have multiple Direct Deposits onto my TRUREAL card?

Yes, so long as the balance never exceeds $5000.00 at any given time on your card.

Can I spend more than the available balance on my card?

No. The transaction will be declined if the amount exceeds your available balance. Some merchants will allow you to “split” payment between the available balance on your card and cash. In some rare instances a merchant or processor may make a mistake when doing the daily settlement that may put your account into a negative situation. In this instance, TRUREAL assumes no liability and it is up to you to have the merchant correct the mistake and clear the negative balance.

What if I need to return merchandise that I purchased using my TRUREAL card?

Returns would be handled by merchants in the same way that they would be with any credit card and in accordance with Visa* guidelines. As return policies may vary, the merchant may credit your TRUREAL card, provide a cash refund, or issue a store credit. If the merchant reverses or cancels the transaction on your card, it may take up to 10 days for those funds to become available on your card.

What fees will I be charged to use my TRUREAL card?

See FEE SCHEDULE Below:     

Fee Description TRUREAL Cardholder
Personalization FREE
Direct Deposit (Interac) $1.80
Wallet Card Load $1.80
POS Transaction FREE
Online Statements FREE
Automated Customer Care FREE
Monthly Service Fee $2.50
Live Customer Support $2.99
ATM Cash Withdrawal Fee $1.60
ATM Balance Inquiry $0.50
ATM Decline $0.50
International ATM $2.50
International ATM Decline $0.50
International Balance Inquiry $0.50
Card to Card Transfer $1.39
Re-Activation Fee $1.50
Foreign Exchange Fee 2.50%
Secondary Card $9.95
Card Replacement Fee $7.95
Change Pin $0.25
Address Change FREE
Charge Dispute Fee (Unsuccessful) $10.00
Temporary Card Status Change $1.00
Minimum POS Purchase $1.00
Maximum Balance at any Time $5,000.00
Maximum Value per Load (Wallet) $2,500.00
Maximum Value per Load (Interac Online) $500.00
Minimum Value per Load $10.00
Maximum Daily POS $5,000.00
Maximum ATM Transaction $1,000.00
Are there maximum limits on my TRUREAL card?

Yes. You can load the card up to twice in a day with a minimum load of $10.00 and a maximum $2500.00 per load. The maximum that you can have on your card at any time cannot exceed $5000.00. You can withdraw up to $1000.00 per day from ATM’s or $1500.00 per day at the bank counter in single or multiple withdrawals. You may spend up to $5000.00 per day in single or multiple purchases at point of sale or online. The minimum purchase amount that will be processed at point of sale is $1.00 (one dollar).

Can I use Online Interac to load funds onto my Trureal Card?

Yes, you can.  Learn more about how to use Interac.

The following banks offer Online Interac:


The following financial institutions are currently offering the Interac Online service:

  • * Accent Credit Union
  • * Access Credit Union
  • * BMO Bank of Montreal
  • * Beaubear Credit Union
  • * Caisse Populaire de Clare
  • * Credit Union Atlantic
  • * Copperfin Credit Union
  • * Envision Financial
  • * Eagle River Credit Union
  • * Interior Savings Credit Union
  • * Kingston Community Credit Union
  • * Libro Credit Union
  • * Limestone Credit Union
  • * Mennonite Savings and Credit Union
  • * OPPA Credit Union
  • * PenFinancial CU
  • * Progressive Credit Union Limited
  • * RBC Royal Bank
  • * Reddy Kilowatt Credit Union
  • * Scotiabank
  • * Sydney Credit Union
  • * Tandia Financial Credit Union
  • * TD Canada Trust
  • * The Police Credit Union
  • * Toronto Municipal Employees’ Credit Union
  • * Valley Credit Union
  • * Windsor Family Credit Union
  • * Your Credit Union

Cardholder FAQs

Learn more about how the TRUREAL Loyalty Program can benefit you.

How many charities am I able to donate to?

You will have the option of selecting up to three charities of your choice, within the Directory, to link to your TRUREAL card.

How often can I change my charity?

As often as you wish.

When do I receive my tax receipt?

Charities have until February 28th of the following year the donations are made to issue the tax receipt.

I want to help my favorite Charity raise money, what can I do?

Please ask your favorite Charity to contact TRUREAL’s office and we will qualify them as a participating Charity. Once the charity is qualified and contractual agreements are signed, we encourage you to socialize it through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to all your friends and family…merchants too!

I don’t see some of my favorite merchants participating yet, what can I do to help?

Feel free to let your favorite merchants know they can contact TRUREAL’s office and we will verify the merchant and assess their potential as a TRUREAL merchant.

Merchant FAQs

Learn more about how to incorporate the TRUREAL Loyalty Program into your business.

Who can become a TRUREAL Merchant?

After pre-approval; any business or service provider that (a) offers the highest quality service to TRUREAL cardholder, and (b) participates in the TRUREAL 5 % Program (Some restrictions will apply).

How do I qualify to become a TRUREAL Merchant?

Fill out the ‘Pre-Qualification Questions’ on-line via our Merchant Enrollment Portal. Based on the information provided, the system will verify your business and assess your potential as a Trureal Merchant. To get started: Visit our website and click on ‘MERCHANTS ENROLL’ button.

How do I register as a TRUREAL Merchant?

Please visit our website, click on ‘MERCHANTS ENROLL’ button to begin the Trureal Merchant Enrollment process. Once successfully completed and approved, you and your company will join the TRUREAL’s network via the TRUREAL Directory.

Is there a cost to Merchants participating in the TRUREAL Directory?

There is no upfront cost to join the TRUREAL Directory.

How often will my business be invoiced by TRUREAL?

Participating merchants will be invoiced on a monthly basis.

Will I be required to do any point-of-sale system integration?

No. Merchant must be able to accept Visa* payments.

Will my business be able to tie the invoices we receive from TRUREAL back to actual-level data?

Yes, as a participating merchant, you will have access to secure, comprehensive transaction-level reporting that will among other things, allow you the granular data you will need to conduct internal audits to assess accuracy.

How will donations that I make be processed to the Charities?

Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) via 3rd party regulated financial services provider.

How will my business be able to account for the donations my business will be making?

All TRUREAL participating merchants will be given access to TRUREAL’s secure back office to view summaries of all transactional details made by TRUREAL cardholders along with all charitable organizational beneficiaries.

Could TRUREAL become the single fundraising platform that my business participates?

Exactly! We understand that merchants are asked daily to participate in fundraising initiatives, and also understand that you can’t support them all. With your participation in the TRUREAL program, you are able to support potentially thousands of charitable organizations that resonate with your individual customers.

I will want to notify customers, that I’m a participating TRUREAL merchant, will you provide me anything to display in my place of business?

Yes, we will provide you with a window/door decal to apply to your front entrance to let customers know that you are a participating merchant powered by TRUREAL.

Charity FAQs

Learn more about how to use the TRUREAL Loyalty Program to raise funds for your charity.

Who is responsible for the receipting?

Charities are legally responsible for the issuance of tax receipts.

Can the charity view a summary of all donations made?

Yes. Charities can log into TRUREAL’s secure back office to view all summaries of activities pertaining to their charities.

How often are raised funds issued to my charity?

Raised funds are issued on a monthly basis.

How does T2T benefit my charity?

The Exclusive T2T Program creates an additional donation stream through corporate donations.

What, if anything, will be expected of my charity to help drive donations?

The more people that you can get to link your charity to their TRUREAL card, the more everyday spending will occur and the more donations you will see come back to your organization. So, just encourage your supporters to get and use their TRUREAL card, socialize with friend and family and help encourage merchant participation.

Will our organization be able to get a listing of what merchants provided the donations?

Yes, each charitable organization will have secure access to TRUREAL’s back office to view summaries of all donation activities.

Could TRUREAL cardholders not directly associated with my organization still choose to fund our cause?

Absolutely. One of the underlying benefit of the TRUREAL platform is that it allows a cardholder to choose up to 3 charities to link to his/her card allowing them to support “multiple” causes.