Place your Charity's Fundraising on Autopilot

Fundraising has always been a charity's greatest obstacle. Traditional methods of raising funds do work however in most cases they tend to be tedious, time-consuming and marginally effective. Why should a charity spend half its time raising funds when it could spend all of that time serving its purpose? We completely understand the sort of challenges charities face and so we began to ask some tough questions. Specifically, we wanted to know how charities could raise funds in a way that is passive, highly effective and fully automated.

The answer to this question led to the development of a very powerful platform: the Trureal Loyalty Program.

The Benefits of TRUREAL

The Trureal Loyalty Program is a perfect match for charities of all types and sizes. Consider the benefits:

  • Access professional fundraising services at a fraction of the cost.
  • A Visa*-backed platform with full IT support and payment processing means that everything is hands off for your charity’s administration.
  • A growing list of popular merchants for your patrons to shop at means increased donations on autopilot for your charity.
  • The program is fully turn-key. Charities can begin using the program to raise funds right away.
  • Patrons gain an easy and effective way to support your charity.
  • Valuable online marketing and exposure (free inclusion into the Trureal Directory as well as Charity-branded Trureal Cards).
  • Improve patron morale by never having to ask for donations ever again. The TLP will do it all passively for you.

About the Trureal Loyalty Program

A fundraising solution unlike any other

Your charity’s mandate is important and your team excels at making a difference in people’s lives. It would be great if the lion’s share of a charity’s focus was spent on its purpose but the reality is that a lot of time has to be allocated towards fundraising. If time is scarce, and it often is, the next best solution is to hire a professional fundraising company. The problem with this approach is that it can be cost prohibitive. 

At TRUREAL, we firmly believe that a charity’s time ought to be spent exclusively on its mandate and that the cost of professional fundraising should be kept to a minimum. We are proud to say that the TrurealTM Loyalty Program (TLP) makes this possible.

Automate your Charity's Fundraising

The TLP is unlike any other fundraising program available today simply because it turns fundraising into an automated process. How does our robust platform do this? Quite simply, it enables your patrons to turn a portion of their daily spending into charitable donations for your organization. The process is entirely passive and it alleviates the burden of having to actively donate. Another fantastic benefit of the TLP is that it offers charities a professional fundraising solution at a fraction of the cost. 

Accumulate Donations 24/7

Imagine having a constant stream of funds flowing into the charity’s account, day and night. The TLP provides charities with a constant stream of cash flow while simultaneously removing the need for any additional commitments of time or resources. All that is required is to simply promote the program to the patrons of your charity. Once your supporters are enrolled in the TLP, the magic of our platform will take over and it will begin yielding monthly donations that your charity can truly count on.

How the Trureal Loyalty Program Works

At its core, the TLP is a charity-fundraising program. In a larger sense, it can do so much more for your charity.

Aside from fundraising, the TLP will also provide your charity with valuable promotion opportunities. By being included in the Trureal Directory as well as having your charity specified on the Trureal Cards (the fundraising tool that is at the heart of our platform), your charity will receive constant exposure.

Quite simply, TRUREAL just works.

The TLP is a strong contender for all parties (Charities, People and Businesses alike) because it is simple and a win-win for everyone.

  • People enjoy the program because they’re motivated to support their charities.
  • Businesses are happy with the program because it provides an instant stream of qualified buyers and it is undisputedly more cost-effective compared to other marketing solutions.
  • Charities are drawn to the program because it provides an easy and effective platform for fundraising.

It is this synergy between all parties (what we call Collective Will) that drives a flood of new people towards the Trureal Community and into the doors of Trureal Merchants every single day. This in turn equates to charities receiving more donations. 

Charity Programs within the TLP

Providing Trureal to your patrons as a fundraising vehicle represents the core aspect of our program. There are other special programs within the TLP that your charity can utilize in order to benefit even further.

Trureal Crowdfunding

TRUREAL crowd funding is a type of cause-related fundraising that is the cooperative effort, collective will and interplay between TRUREAL’s Merchants, Charities and Cardholders for mutual benefit.

The TRUREAL platform can be used by Charities for any type of Cause-Related Fundraising without the pressures of traditional solicitation of Donors. The Donor would simply link that particular Charity or Cause to their TRUREAL card for whatever period of time they choose, and support for that Cause is INSTANT.

When a devastating earthquake, flood, famine, refugee crisis, typhoon, or disaster strikes, TRUREAL is a click away to lend its support instantly without any pressures to give. Let your everyday shopping support your cause and make an impact on those who need it the most.

“The control and power is in your hands and in the hassle-free TRUREAL card that you control”

H. Thomas


There are advantages for both charitable organizations and businesses. For businesses, TRUREAL Cause-Related Fundraising efforts show their social responsibility and provides great public awareness of its values and willingness to support good causes. For the charitable organization, the monetary contributions from TRUREAL’s Cause-related fundraising can be significant, and the charity has unfettered use of the funds to meet their individual mandates.

Besides actual monetary benefit, the intangible value of the publicity and advertising that accompanies TRUREAL’s Cause-related fundraising program, is immeasurable.

TRUREAL Charity Umbrella Program (TCUP)

Building a Charity directory requires the collaborative effort of all Charities within the TRUREAL network.  There is much overlap with respect to the services that individual Charities undertake and for that reason, collaboration is key.

TRUREAL has created an incentive program called the TRUREAL Charity Umbrella Program (TCUP) which incentivizes existing Charity partners to refer other charitable organizations to the TRUREAL Loyalty Program.


A charity who wishes to participate in TCUP, must refer a minimum of 10 registered Charities to the TRUREAL Loyalty Program.  Once these charities have successfully contracted with TRUREAL FUNDRAISING SERVICES INC. (TFSI), TFSI will donate 5% of its gross aggregated fundraising fees of the 10 charities to the umbrella charity as part of TFSI corporate social responsibility and to acknowledge the efforts of the umbrella charity.

Charity Compliance



  1. Be registered and in good standing with Canada Revenue Agency on the date of signing contractual agreement with TRUREAL FUNDRAISING SERVICES INC.
  2. Adhere to TRUREAL’s code of ethics
  3. Adhere to the contractual agreement with TRUREAL FUNDRAISING SERVICES INC.
  4. Adhere to Canada Revenue Agency Charity compliance.

Visit CRA’s website for more details



The New Guidance is intended to provide general advice for charities to follow and is based on the legal principle, established by case law, that fundraising must be seen as a necessary means-to-an-end for a charitable purpose, rather than an end-in-itself. In this regard, it is possible for a charity to engage in fundraising activities, provided that the fundraising is ancillary and incidental to the primary purpose of achieving the charity’s purposes.


The New Guidance explains that, as a general rule, fundraising is any activity that includes a solicitation of present or future donations of cash or gifts in kind, or the sale of goods or services to raise funds, whether explicit or implied.

Fundraising may include a single action, such as an advertisement, or a series of related actions, such as a capital campaign and includes direct activities, such as face-to-face canvassing, or indirect/related activities, such as researching and developing fundraising strategies and plans.

Fundraising activities can be carried out by either the registered charity or by another party acting on the charity’s behalf, but does not include seeking grants, gifts, contributions or other funding from governments or other registered charities, or recruiting volunteers to carry out the general operations of the charity, or related business activities. This means that not only are the costs associated with such requests not included in the fundraising expenses, but the resulting income from government and other charities is also not included in the income with regards to the fundraising ratio explained below.


CRA advises that a charity’s fundraising ratio can serve as a general self-assessment tool, although it is not determinative on its own. The fundraising ratio is the ratio of fundraising costs to fundraising revenue calculated on an annual basis. It is a global calculation for a fiscal period. However, a high fundraising ratio for an individual event may be an indicator of unacceptable fundraising.

Fundraising revenues include amounts reported in the T3010 on line 4500 (receipted donations, regardless of whether these amounts can be traced to fundraising activity) and line 4630 (all amounts for which a tax receipt was not issued and that were generated as a direct result of fundraising expenses). Fundraising expenditures include all amounts reported on line 5020 as fundraising expenses in accordance with the Guidance.

The fundraising ratio will place a charity into one of three categories, which remains unchanged from CPS-028:

Under 35%: unlikely to generate questions or concerns by CRA.

35% and above: CRA will examine the average ratio over recent years to determine if there is a trend of high fundraising costs requiring a more detailed assessment of expenditures.

Above 70%: this level will raise concerns with CRA. The charity must be able to provide an explanation and rationale for this level of expenditure, otherwise it will be considered unacceptable.

Charity FAQs

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Who is responsible for the receipting?

Charities are legally responsible for the issuance of tax receipts.

Can the charity view a summary of all donations made?

Yes. Charities can log into TRUREAL’s secure back office to view all summaries of activities pertaining to their charities.

How often are raised funds issued to my charity?

Raised funds are issued on a monthly basis.

How does T2T benefit my charity?

The Exclusive T2T Program creates an additional donation stream through corporate donations.

What, if anything, will be expected of my charity to help drive donations?

The more people that you can get to link your charity to their TRUREAL card, the more everyday spending will occur and the more donations you will see come back to your organization. So just encourage your supporters to get and use their TRUREAL card, socialize with friends and family and help encourage merchant participation.

What are the 3rd party fundraising fees to my charity?

TRUREAL Fundraising Services Inc. fees are 20% of donations raised. TRUREAL IT Services Inc. fees are 5% of donations raised.

How does our organization actually get paid?

Electronic Funds Transfer will be set up between participating Charities and Merchants via Pre-Authorized Agreement (PAD).

Will our organization be able to get a listing of which merchants provided the donations?

Yes, each charitable organization will have secure access to TRUREAL’s back office to view summaries of all donation activities.

Can TRUREAL cardholders that are not directly associated with my organization still choose to fund our cause?

Absolutely. One of the underlying benefit of the TRUREAL platform is that it allows a cardholder to choose up to 3 charities to link to his/her card allowing them to support multiple causes.

Charity Enrollment Application

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